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Content sections: Set the height

For any section, you can add line breaks (press Return or Enter) to the page content to make the section longer.

In the Style Editor, you can also use the Apply Minimum Height tweak in the Index: Page section to set some or all Regular Page sections to display at a fixed height. You can choose from the following options:

  • None
  • First Page Only
  • Pages with Backgrounds Only
  • All Pages

After choosing which sections will have a set height, use the Minimum Height tweak to set the height.

  • Sections will never be shorter than the page content, including padding. If the page content is longer than the minimum height, the section will stretch to fit the content. 
  • This tweak uses a percentage of the viewport height, which is the part of a browser where your site displays. For example, if you choose 100vh, the height of the section will take up 100% of the viewport height. The actual height in pixels will vary, depending on the height of a visitor's browseror device.
Richie Pickwell